Sunday, July 31, 2011

God knows all about her

Carina is 3, so this is obviously not an up-to-date picture:

She's a girl. She was born in April 2008. She is described as calm. And that's more words than there are in her profile.

Maybe that's enough. Maybe there's more information if you inquire.

Or maybe Carina's baby picture and the nine words in her profile are all anyone will ever know. Maybe she will be forgotten. With a sparse profile and no updates... will anyone fight for Carina? Will someone pick her picture out of a crowd and bring her home, sad face and all? Is she any less precious because less information is available, her picture isn't updated, and she wouldn't smile for the camera?

God is watching over Carina. He sees her and knows her and cares for her. But she needs parents to do that for her too.

Don't let Carina be forgotten

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