Monday, July 25, 2011

I just like their names

Lindsey and Rebekah happen to have the same names as members of my family. Plus they are adorable :)

I hope these little girls find their family... and if you want to donate to their grant, it could help them on their way. They happen to be in the same region, which is open to large families (up to 8 kids), older parents (up to 60), and has lower costs for Russia ($28,000). A single mom could adopt from this region too. I'm not sure if unrelated children could be adopted together, but they are also in the same region as Juliet. Both of these girls have an empty grant, but when people pull together, large grants can quickly be gathered--one girl, Teri Lynn, accumulated a grant of over 20,000 in only a week. Lindsey, Rebekah, and Juliet (and Teri Lynn) all have Down Syndrome.

Lindsey is shy. She is almost 5, which may mean she will be transferred to an institution soon. Every little girl deserves a family! Pray that Lindsey would have that opportunity soon.

Rebekah is such a chunky little girl! She's 1 1/2, just a month younger than my son, and you can tell she's not malnourished. Rebekah needs and deserves the love of a family. She's described as quiet and smiley.

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