Friday, July 15, 2011

Another precious little boy

This sweet little boy is Valentin. He has cerebral palsy, but he can stand--and I'm betting with a mommy and daddy and physical therapy, he'd be walking in no time. Soon, though, he will be transferred to an institution where he might never have a chance to try.

He's pretty smart from his description--probably not cognitively affected by his disability. In the adoption world, 5 is old--but maybe that's a blessing, because it means that, while many kids in his country are in limbo, Valentin is still available for adoption because he's an older child. He makes me wish we could just bring them all home (as does the little boy I'll be posting about tomorrow).

Valentin would have so much potential here--but unless attitudes toward people with disabilities change in his home country, if he is not adopted, he won't have any potential. He will spend his life in a bed. I think he deserves better--I think they all do.

Children over 5 are usually not adopted. Boys are even less likely to adopted over 5. Kids with special needs are less likely to be adopted than "typical" children. Do you think you could give Valentin a chance? If you are thinking about it, you might be the only one who is.


  1. I'm happy to see this entry for Valentin, because I am his 5/5/5 warrior! Isn't he a beautiful boy?


  2. I know you are, and he is beautiful. If only we could just bring them all home....

    I hope Valentin's parents find him.