Saturday, July 30, 2011

Every little boy and girl needs a family

I plan on taking an internet break, but I will set up some blogs to come out in the next few days first. I think I've exhausted the children I feel a special connection to, but they are all so sweet, so cute, and deserve a family of their own. Every time I look at the Reece's Rainbow waiting children, different faces stand out to me. So I am just going to keep sharing their sweet faces and what I know of their stories...

This is Jonas.

Jonas is a friendly, affectionate 3-year-old boy. Look at that sweet smile! He is said to be emotional and engaged with his caregivers, which means a lower risk of attachment problems. Jonas lives in Russia and it would be possible for a single mom to adopt him, or a mommy and daddy. Right now he has no parents. It looks and sounds like he is in a fairly "good" orphanage now, but it's still an orphanage. Sometime between 4 and 6, he will lose those caregivers he is now attached to and be sent to a mental institution. I'm sure some institutions are better than others, but I don't know if there is a "good" mental institution for a 5-year-old. And sometimes little girls and boys from "good" baby homes end up in not-so-good institutions. I hope someone brings this sweet guy home. The good place he's in now means that he has an excellent chance at bonding well with a new family, but please don't leave him because he's in a good place. He needs a home and a family!

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