Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A lot of people hope to adopt siblings... if our little girl had a brother or sister available for adoption you could bet we'd try to bring that little one home too. These two brothers are so cute:

Ras (3) and Harry (2) live in Russia... and as I was typing this post I realized that they have been FOUND! Harry and Ras already have a family! Praise God. Pray that their adoption goes quickly and smoothly.

Well then... how about Samantha and Kristina, 6 and 5 year old sisters?
Samantha, 6:

Samantha has an intellectual disability and crossed eyes, but she is active and friendly and will do very well in a family.

Kristina, 5:

Kristina is considered delayed, but this may be an ordinary orphanage delay. They say a big bow is a sign that a little girl is an orphanage favorite :) Kristina is friendly and helpful.

The costs and travel are not as bad as I would have expected for these two... and these precious girls still need a family! I know they have a lot of people praying for their family to step forward.

As far as our adoption goes, it sounds like we still have not sorted out all the issues with our adoption being independent and not having a placing agency... please pray we can get this resolved and move on towards adopting our daughter!

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