Thursday, July 28, 2011

Russia is full of Teri Lynns

Teri Lynn's before-and-after photos from her transfer to a mental institution caught the hearts of the blogosphere.
Teri Lynn before transfer, at the baby house:

Teri Lynn just 3 weeks after her transfer to a mental institution:

It's hard to believe both pictures are of the same little girl.
The upside of the story was that within a week of these pictures being posted, Teri Lynn had a full grant of over $20,000 dollars. This will not completely cover the cost of her adoption, but it will be a huge help to the family that adopts her.

With all the attention I am surprised no one has committed to her yet. To commit to an institutionalized child on Reece's Rainbow, a family must have their home study ready--but several inquiries about her were from home-study-ready families. She's inspired some to start the adoption process. Maybe she is still waiting because she's your daughter. But even if Teri Lynn's family steps forward, Russia is full of Teri Lynns.

In Teri Lynn's region, Nadya is waiting for a family. She is two and will face transfer one day if she is not adopted.

April and Veronica, 6 and 7 years old, have probably already been transferred.

is 4 and may face transfer soon.

Elsewhere in Russia...
Alice, 5, has a $6,000 grant.

Cora Lynne, 4 1/2, is facing transfer.

Robyn, only 4 years old, is likely already in a mental institution.

Celine is facing transfer. Will she need to become another Teri Lynn before anyone will commit to her?

Jillian is 5 and loves to learn; she will be institutionalized soon.

These are just a few. Teri Lynn wasn't the first little girl this happened to, and she probably won't be the last. But maybe you can make sure Ksenia, or Alice, or Cora Lynne, or Celine, or Jillian is not one of them.


  1. Sharing on fb..

    These are such beautiful children, I hope all will find families soon...


  2. Thanks for including little Alice...she has been on there for so long....she now almost has 7,000!!!! I am her 5/5/5 warrior..although I had lots of help on fundraising.....she needs to find her family soon!!!!

    Stephanie Lynch

  3. I know! Praying for the kids who are there, or will soon transfer. Thank you for posting!