Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another sweet girl

This sweet 2-year-old girl is Xenia. She lives in Russia and she doesn't have a mommy and daddy. She needs parents who will bring her home, love her, and take care of her. This sweet little girl has been listed a long time and no one has come for her. Don't you wish you could see that sweet little face every morning? That she would light up when you came into the room, snuggle with you and read a story at night, and throw tantrums when you burn her hot dogs? :) She really needs to get moving because she has low muscle tone--she probably barely gets out of a crib.

Now that you're in love with this sweetie, I'll tell you why she's still waiting: the reason why no one will adopt Xenia is that she (probably) has a retinoblastoma--an eye cancer. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has a lot of experience with this cancer, and it has a 95% cure rate... but no one knows if Xenia is being treated or even has access to pain medication. If you are local to me, Xenia could also receive treatment in Boston. She can beat this disease if she gets medical treatment. She needs to be adopted!

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