Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Adoption can save lives

You shouldn't adopt just to save a child. You shouldn't adopt unless you want to add a child to your family, to have a new son or daughter for the rest of your life. But there are children who do not get the medical care they need in their countries.

This is Vanessa. Her Reece's Rainbow file simply says that she has a heart condition and needs a family quickly. I don't know what kind of medical care she will get in her country (though many children with Down Syndrome do have heart defects repaired in their home countries). But having a loving family and excellent medical care is huge for these kids.

Other kids may have brain damage because they do not get needed surgeries for Apert Syndrome or hydrocephalus. Many times, a child may have a food allergy and not get the special diet they need (and if you know me, you probably know my little guy has a milk allergy... and I can tell you that getting a special diet has made a huge difference to his health!) There is so much that a family can do to care and advocate for a special child, but an orphanage cannot. Every one of these kids will be better off with a family of their own... and for some of them it may save their lives.

Would you be willing to bring Vanessa home, be her mommy, and make sure she gets the care she needs? Do you want those two big blue eyes, that wispy blonde hair, and a big smile in your house? Vanessa is two and she needs a mommy and daddy. She's not my daughter. Maybe she's yours.

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