Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time for an adoption update....

I plan to keep featuring Reece's Rainbow's waiting children, but I thought I would share where we are in the adoption process....

Yesterday, we submitted our formal application! We got our application returned to us over a week ago because we needed more information on the "placing agency." It took a while to get this sorted out because we don't have a placing agency; we will have a helper from Reece's Rainbow and a facilitator in our new child's country. After verifying with Reece's Rainbow that our information was accurate, and with our social worker that it was sufficient, we sent back our application. Hopefully this means we can get started on our home study soon!

Previously our girl's country had been completely closed to adoption with the shutdown expected to end in October, but it was recently announced that children with special needs on a certain list could continue to be adopted... we are blessed that our girl's special need is on that list. So there is nothing to stop us from proceeding with our adoption on that side.

If you want to pray for us on the US side... we could use prayer that:
our hearts would be prepared to be our daughter's parents
the home study would go quickly
we would get our house cleaned up for the home study (making a lot of progress here, but there's still a lot to be done).

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  1. I do hope and pray things go well with the home study.
    I am glad that the country has decided to let your girl's adoption keep going.