Sunday, July 17, 2011

Reece's Rainbow is helping kids find their families....

This sweet little guy is Dmitriy. There is a family working to bring him home--but they can't officially commit to him yet (no, it's not us :)

Dmitriy is a very special little boy and I am sure he will bring his family so much joy... please join me in praying for Dmitriy's family to complete their homestudy quickly so that they can officially commit, and praying that he would be able to go home quickly! I have done some research on adopting children who are blind and it's not unmanageable; children who are blind need more help to engage the world, and they need toys and an environment that stimulates their other senses, but they are capable of growing up to lead independent lives.

I know that so far all of the kids that I've posted have been boys, and we are adopting a little girl. I guess that's just one of the funny things about how God works... but tomorrow I will feature a sweet little girl who is also not my daughter.

Reece's Rainbow does have other children with visual impairments who need homes, like Jeanne... and some others who are being adopted, like sweet Andriy!

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  1. I did some work with blind kids some years ago at a camp. I found majority of them to be very sweet. They were very well-adapted. They used their other senses to get around.
    The best memory is the musical talent they had. So many could play instruments and some even wrote their own pieces.