Sunday, July 24, 2011

Three blond boys

Today I want to introduce three special little boys with Down Syndrome. They are special because they happen to look somewhat like my boy. I by no means am looking for a "perfect child" with blond hair and blue eyes--that just happens to be what my own sweet boy looks like--we considered adopting from Ethiopia and the little girl we want to commit to has darker hair. These three are certainly cuties though; maybe you will fall in love with your son :)

In addition to the many children who have full profiles on Reece's Rainbow, in some regions of Russia there are "additional children." These children have a little bit of information and a picture but no medical information. If someone falls in love with one of these kids, they can commit to adopt the child, but these additional children don't have their own page because full medical information is not available. Peter is one of the additional children in Region 23. You can find him about halfway down (but feel free to look through all those other sweet faces too). He not only looks like my boy but has the same name too. Peter could be adopted by parents 48 or under. He is in the same region as Sammy, but they cannot be adopted together. Can you picture Peter trying to climb your bookcases?

Andrew is almost 4 and has Down Syndrome. He lives in Russia and could be adopted by a single mom or an "older" couple (I don't know the exact age limits). Isn't he adorable? Can you see him driving a truck around your living room?

Kyle will turn 5 in November. He is in the same region of Russia as Andrew, but that region does not allow the adoption of multiple unrelated children. He reminds me of a boy, and something about his face also reminds me of my cousins--but my kids reminded me of them when they were first born too. He looks like a sweet kid--I bet he'd love learning to play catch with his daddy.

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