Monday, August 1, 2011

I love these kids

I just love Jesse. I love that smile. Love those chubby cheeks. I love his name (which isn't his real name, of course--nor are Lindsey and Rebekah and Peter's names their "real" names.

We use that expression a lot, don't we? "I just love that."

I bet you could find a lot of people who just love this little boy.

But do I really love him? Do I love him enough to spend months having my parenting abilities evaluated, to fill out stacks of paperwork, to spend huge amounts of money, to cross the ocean and spend weeks in a foreign country? Well, maybe. But there's another little girl I'm going to do that for. I don't think I'm going to be the one to love Jesse that much.

I don't love him enough to call him my son. I don't love him enough to bring him home.
If you clicked on the link, it's pretty obvious I don't even love him enough to put a couple dollars in his grant fund. I don't "just love him" that much.

It doesn't look like anyone loves Jesse enough to adopt him. And that is the kind of love he needs.

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