Monday, August 29, 2011

Another little girl who needs a family

God loves Mirabelle so much. She is two years old, but he has been planning for her a long time. You see, before the world began, he was thinking about her. When he created Adam and Eve, he gave them all the genetic material Mirabelle would need--he planned her dark hair, her calm demeanor, and even her extra chromosome. He mapped out the generations that would lead to this one little girl. And because He knew that Adam and Eve would fall into sin, He made a plan for Mirabelle's salvation. He sent his only begotten son from Heaven to Hell to save Mirabelle's eternal soul. The price of her redemption far outweighs the price that her parents will pay to adopt her. God has a plan for her life, and I trust His plan because He is good. I trust that He will touch the hearts of a very special family and tell them, "This is My daughter, whom I love; go and bring her home, give her clothes and food and drink and love and family in My Name. Be My Arms, My Feet, and My Voice to this sweet, tiny girl. Teach her to follow Me. I promise you, it will be a blessing like none you have ever received. You can't come to me sitting there and holding that oar. If you fall I will be here to lift you up. I want you to have her, because she is important to Me. Take good care of her."

It is a hard thing to step out and adopt a little one, even if you did get such a plain, literal calling. But He will be beside you every step of the way, and He loves you and He loves that child and He wants what is best for each of you. Not always what's easy, but what is best.

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