Thursday, August 4, 2011


Who doesn't love babies? Probably not anyone reading my blog.

This is Arden. He's only 6 months old, and there's a chance he could be home by his first birthday if his family acts quickly. My daughter said this post should be about him :) ("the bandaid one"). She says to say that we love him very much. She suggests that we should adopt him too. But that's not going to happen at least until we're done with our first adoption, and he's so little I hope he gets picked out quicker than that. She says we need a baby because her brother is a big boy now. There are a few other really little babies on Reece's Rainbow. There are little ones under one with Down Syndrome, HIV, and other special needs. Adopting children and toddlers is great, but there is a need for families willing to adopt little babies with special needs too, both in the US and abroad. Arden deserves a family to love him and advocate for him. He is a precious little boy.

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