Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unbelievable suffering

This is another hard post.
But I am not going to ask you to adopt this little girl.
I am going to ask you to look at her.
She's called Liliana on RR, and she should have a family coming for her soon. She may not be on MFFM yet, but she will be.
Take a guess how old this little girl is.

Unless you've read about her elsewhere, you're wrong. This little girl is 11 years old and weighs only 10 pounds. The workers in her orphanage just do not care about the condition or fate of the children they "care" for. The horrible condition of Liliana and other children in her orphanage was discovered when a mother arrived to adopt her daughter Katerina. Katerina was not listed on Reece's Rainbow, when her mommy found her.

Katerina is nine.

There are 17 orphans with Down Syndrome (and many without it) in Katerina and Liliana's orphanage. Katerina, now Liliana, and four others already have families coming for them. Four families have stepped into the unknown to commit to adopting one of these severely malnourished children with Down Syndrome. Katerina's mommy is praying for 7 more families to step forward--families willing to accept the unknown and rescue children with a completely unknown prognosis, sight unseen. Families willing to show the orphanage director what kind of God we serve. Families willing to be Christ to some very needy boys and girls, who if they are anything like Liliana and Katerina it is beyond belief they are alive at all.

This is urgent. This is life and death. This shouldn't be what adoption is about--but today it is.

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