Saturday, August 13, 2011

Seeing past a picture

Having pictures of these children who need to be adopted is a wonderful thing. A happy, smiling little face helps to emphasize that there is a real little girl or boy beyond a description who needs a family. And up-to-date, happy, cute pictures make it more likely that the little girl or boy will be chosen. But sometimes, all that one has to go on is a picture that is hopelessly out of date, or one of a child who is crying or sullen. Sometimes the picture may be out of focus or grainy so it's hard to see what the little girl or boy looks like. And of course, sometimes there still is no photo at all.

It's harder to fall in love with a little one who is crying, glaring at you, or hard to see, let alone one you can't see at all. It's a good thing that people have photographs, so that they can fall in love with a little boy or girl and then advocate for that child, or even bring him or her home. Even the grainy or sullen photographs help to drive home that there really is a little boy or girl waiting for a family. But in large photolistings, the unhappy photos are more likely to get passed by.

This is Lucy. She doesn't look real happy about having her picture taken. Maybe she just woke up. I'm sure most of us have some pretty miserable pictures of our kids. But they aren't like that all the time, are they? And when we think of them, we usually don't think of them at their most miserable--most days. But imagine if someone were to know your child only through an out-of-focus, whiny, or sullen picture. If the only picture someone saw of your daughter or son showed them at their worst, it probably wouldn't make them realize what a delightful personality your little one had, and how he or she is really smart and so helpful and has a beautiful smile. But all of that would still be true.

I bet little Lucy has a beautiful smile. I bet she just loves playing with new toys. And I bet she would fall in love with parents who gave her lots of cuddles and attention. It doesn't show in her picture--but she is still a two-year-old little girl, made in the image of the God who loves us, delights in us, and created her and us. And when her family brings her home, they will capture her delightful smile and you will see how beautiful she really is.

I noticed Lucy because of her pretty name, but she has a lot going for her. She is loved and cared for right now. The region she's in requires 3 trips, but adoptive families have had great experiences with her orphanage and the workers there really want the kids to find families. You could get contact information to talk to other adoptive families about what it would be like to adopt Lucy. Please consider more than one picture; Lucy needs a family too.


  1. We're praying about her everyday. And I have seen better pics of her :) she is such a doll. I would love to have her as my daughter. :) All in God's timing and wisdom. Thanks for posting her. She's such a beautiful child.

  2. Sheri, good luck! I hope you can be her mommy, and if that doesn't work out, I hope someone brings her home soon :)