Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big brown eyes

This sweet boy is Denis. Look at those big brown eyes... please consider bringing him home and meeting his biggest need: for a family who loves him. He has a lot of needs--I recognize epilepsy and cerebral palsy (spastic tetraparesis) and reflux, and there's other stuff that I don't know what it means (but might be related to the others).

Sometimes I worry that this little girl we want to commit to will have needs we won't be able to handle. Sometimes I wonder why there's anything we are willing to say no to. God didn't look at me and say He couldn't handle my needs. My husband didn't either (and I'll tell you, he has to handle a lot....) And if she is my daughter, nothing else matters. But it's not quite like pregnancy, where you know that baby is a real person who is in your womb because God chose to put her there. She is a real person, she does need a family, but there is the possibility our family isn't the one; nothing is sure in her country until we bring her home.

Denis has a lot of needs, but with good medical care, good therapy, and a family, he may be able to overcome some of that. Or he may not. His family will need to accept him where he is and love him as he is while working towards all he can be. Like Jesus does for us.

(I am adding the tag M. for my little girl. This is not her real initial. I will not use her real initial for privacy reasons; I will not use her RR initials because we aren't officially "committed" yet; but this is the initial for the middle name I would give her.)

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