Saturday, August 20, 2011

More children from the institution Katie, Liliana, and Steven are in.

Reece's Rainbow has posted info on 3 more children with Down Syndrome in the same institution where Katerina, Liliana, Steven, and many others have been badly neglected.

At this institution, which houses 250 children, the top floor is where children with more challenges, like Down Syndrome, are kept. The caretakers visit only to feed and change them. These processes involves little to no interaction and neither is done frequently enough. Of the 17 children with Down Syndrome, 6 have committed families (Liliana now not only has a family but a full grant fund!) There is also a 16-year-old young woman who is too old to be adopted. Word is that 4 more families want to adopt one of these severely neglected children. There are also 40-odd more children on the top floor living under the same conditions, presumably kids with other special needs. Ideally families already approved to adopt for Bulgaria will step up to adopt each of these precious little ones. In addition, 200 more children live on the lower levels of the institution. Conditions seem to be better for these higher-functioning kids, and they even participate in programs outside the orphanage. But I certainly wouldn't want anyone responsible for Liliana's condition in charge of any child.


Tony is another severely malnourished little boy who appears far younger than he actually is (almost 12). He doesn't look as bad as Liliana, but he has definitely been through a lot and needs a family who can help him start to regain as much as possible of what he has been denied.


Kami is 5 or 6. She needs a mommy to come and take her away from the awful conditions she is kept in.


Here's another young boy who desperately needs a family, a healthy diet, and medical care. Keith is painfully skinny.

Don't forget that Steven is still waiting too.


Nailan is four and is at the same institution, but clearly gets more opportunities and better care than those on the top floor. He has some sort of problem that results in vomiting, but no specific diagnosis. He needs a family, a real home, and good medical care to diagnose and treat his condition.

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