Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Big things

One of the children I mentioned on this blog found a family--Teri Lynn. It is the first time since I started this blog, so that's kind of exciting, even though I knew when I posted about her that she was bound to find a family soon.

The unusual part is that when so many people were fundraising and advocating for Teri Lynn, she already had a family coming for her. Her ransom was already paid when twenty thousand dollars were given for her. So all of that money will be redistributed to help other little girls who need the money--girls like Alice, Cora Lynne, Celine, Jillian, and Robyn.

The other big news is that we have finally heard the official word from the agency we've been in contact with that they can do the home study for our adoption. We have been assigned a social worker! So keep praying for these girls in Russia, and also for our family and the little girl we hope to bring home.

Ksenia no longer appears on the "additional children" page for region 30. I do not know what that means. Hopefully that she has been adopted... maybe that she is no longer available... maybe that she is deceased.

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