Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kids are dying.

This is Warner.

Warner died a little while ago while waiting for a family.

I don't know how he died. Maybe he was neglected. Maybe he just got sick. Maybe he had an untreated medical condition, like a heart defect. I don't know whether it was slow or sudden, whether anyone held him. I do know he never knew what it was like to have a mommy and daddy.

I know a lot of the things I talk about are hard things. These things aren't supposed to happen. Every child should be welcomed by his or her parents, raised by his or her parents, and die at a ripe old age. But not talking about kids dying alone won't change the fact that they do. And not thinking about the horrible conditions that they endure in orphanages and mental institutions won't make their conditions better. Some of us will be called to give money. Some of us will be called to bring one of these sweet kids home. Some of us will be called to go to the countries where this is happening and work there to make changes for the better. Some of us are so called to other things, helping people and supporting causes close to their heart, that it really is okay if they don't feel the call to help with the problem of abandoned children in Eastern Europe and Russia. If you are already throwing yourself into following God's will, and He isn't asking you to do anything about this, I'm not trying to guilt trip you. But this has become an issue close to my heart, so I want to make sure these kids have a chance to be loved.

This is Wyatt. He reminds me of Warner. Their names are kind of similar too.

Both kids deserved to be a son and not a statistic. Some of these kids are coming home starving, emaciated, at death's door. But they do come home, and they do make it. Some of them still die--from their medical conditions, from operations to correct them. But they don't starve to death from neglect. And they get to know a family's love.

If God is calling you to become a parent through international adoption, don't wait too long. If Wyatt is your son, don't delay.

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