Sunday, February 12, 2012

Boys who look like my son, revisited

Over 6 months ago, near the beginning of this journey, I posted about 3 boys who look like my son.

Today, as I looked through the pages of children who are special to me, I had trouble finding the picture of Peter M. in the additional children of Region 23. Why? Because he has a new picture and looks so much bigger. Peter M. will turn 4 about the time I am having my third child (June)... just look how much bigger he's gotten!

He doesn't look as much like my Peter anymore, but he is adorable... surely someone out there wants to be his mommy? I don't know when children in his region or orphanage are transferred, but some children are transferred as early as 3 or 4. Peter deserves a family who will love him, not an institution.

The two other little boys I posted about have not yet found families either. Kyle is now 5 and faces transfer soon. He badly needs a family to step up for him and save him from the institution. He's had a new photo for a while now:

Kyle doesn't look as much like my Peter anymore either, in part because Peter's hair doesn't usually get that long, but he is still precious too, and also deserves better than life tied to a bed in a mental institution.

At the same time I found Peter M's new picture, I discovered Andrew has a new picture, though he hasn't changed as much as the other two:

The information for Region 2, where Kyle and Andrew live, has been clarified, and there is a possibility Kyle and Andrew could be adopted together! Or, look at all the other sweet kids in region 2. Robyn, Celine, Elijah, and Jack live there as well... and if you fall in love with Megan, 6, who has just been transferred to a bad institution and has a grant over $20,000, and think she is your daughter and Andrew is your son, or if Evan, turning 11 this month, catches your eye and you think he is meant to be Kyle's big brother... trust me, I won't complain. They all need families just as badly.

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