Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why international adoption of a child with special needs?

Elijah is a 3-year-old boy who has Down Syndrome.

Like any other little boy, he needs to be played with and loved. He needs to be held and hugged and kissed and given treats and little toy cars. He needs to kick balls around outside in the summer and he needs to play in the snow in the winter.

Instead he lives in a crib. If he leaves it, it's not often.

That's not what any child deserves. But unless someone decides to make a commitment to him, to spend a whole bunch of money, cross an ocean, to give their heart away to this little boy... he will never have the life he deserves. He will stay in that crib until one day he is moved to another bed he will never leave, in a worse place than he is in now. And he will live in that bed until he dies.

That is why people advocate for the international adoption of these little ones with special needs.

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