Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Updated pictures

A couple more of my favorite kids have updated pictures too.

Sasha, who is in very poor condition and has Down Syndrome, has a new picture up. I don't know if his condition is improving; he needs a family so badly. Here's his old picture that I have posted before:

Sasha may also have cerebral palsy and/or autism... or he may just be severely neglected. Here is the new picture:

Remember sweet baby Rebekah?

She has Down Syndrome and just turned 2 in January... here's a much newer picture:

Sweet Constantine has some adorable pictures which inspired this whole post when I saw them. I only had seen one picture of this little guy:

But someone posted some more on the Reece's Rainbow message boards:

Gorgeous, isn't he? His parents are going to be so blessed by him one day.

I also found a few more pictures of Ivan, who desperately needs surgery so his brain has room to grow and develop:

Someone please give this precious boy a home and a family; he is so worth the effort and cost!

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  1. It is always so wonderful to see new pictures! I'm glad you posted about Ivan.