Monday, February 13, 2012

Many orphans

If you are interested in adoption, please check out Adeye of No Greater Joy Mom's "linky thing" to see over 100 orphans who are in dire need of families...

Aging out in a few short weeks or months.
In urgent need of medical care.
Transferred, or about to be transferred.

You will recognize some of these sweet boys and girls...
Bethany. Megan. Wyatt. Maxim. Owen. Shaun. Nicholas. Ivan N. Preston. Sasha. Alix. Ivan. Tatiana. Lexa.

Every one of these precious children deserves a family of his or her own.

Laurel is facing transfer to a mental institution and a life of hopelessness in a matter of months. She has been in an excellent home for children with physical disabilities where the children are nurtured and well-adjusted. All she needs is a family to step forward and say "This is our daughter."

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