Friday, February 24, 2012

Would you be Jesus's mommy?

Amanda, a cute little girl with Down Syndrome, has lost her family. She needs someone else to commit to her before she ends up in a mental institution.

The situation is grave for every one of these children... they all face either the mental institution or one day, the streets. Even if they did not, the specter of life with no family is enough of a tragedy.

God knew from the beginning of time that Amanda's parents would not choose to care for her in a culture where children with disabilities are "the least of these." But He tells us that what we do for the least of these, we do for Him.

These kids leave the orphanage in clothes belonging to their new parents--their mommies and daddies clothe them. When their parents take custody, they may have enough to eat for the first time in their lives--their mommies and daddies feed them. Before they can bring them home, their mommies and daddies visit them behind the gates of the orphanage they cannot leave (their prison). Is this not exactly what we are commanded to do for the least of these?

If Jesus were an orphan, would you be his mommy?

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