Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Loves to cuddle

Archie is 3 and medically healthy. He has a long description written by a missionary who has worked with him, so I'm just going to paste that here--he sounds like such a little joy!

"The boy has very tender, affectionate, cheerful and forgiving personality. He does not hesitate approaching to people and looks with interest at what they are doing and truly tries to emulate. He is doing it in such a cute way that these attempts turn out to be very funny to watch! Ilya does not speak yet but he is showing some progress in speaking.
The whole world is like a puzzle to him. When he hears a sound whether by tram or car – it is the whole event in his life. He stops and looks to the side, where sound occurs. When he is given toys he can play alone and will quietly deal with himself, allowing the rest to others.
The child needs tactile sensations very much. He loves to cuddle and be cuddled. He is not doing it in a demanding, but gently and neat way. He is independent and if falls he not waiting for help from an adult. He's just not accustomed to it and is not expecting that it someone might be interested in him. He found his simple way for tactile sensations: he is touching his palm with something soft.
Archie responds quickly to someone’s smile with a soft laughter. He is not potty trained yet but in a family will pick it up quickly. He is very friendly with the kids but at the same time he can stand up for himself; if someone takes away a toy from him, Archie will follow the offender, trying to get it back. Archie loves to eat. If we go for a walk, everyone pays attention to his cheeks, cute little hamster! Archie does not like to run or play sporty games, he prefers quiet games with toys."

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