Wednesday, February 29, 2012

He needs a family

Abbott is a 4-year-old boy with Down Syndrome. He has just been transferred to a mental institution, so his need is urgent--90% of children with Down Syndrome die during their first year in a mental institution.

I don't know why we live in a world like this--a world where little boys and girls are basically sentenced to die because of their extra chromosome (whether in a mental institution at 3 to 7 years old or before they are born) and no one seems to care. But I do know there's a solution. Societies can change, and we can all work for that. Societal change is unlikely to come quickly enough for Abbott, though. His needs can only be met by a family willing to step out and go to where he is and rescue him. Otherwise, he will die alone surrounded by the moans of others sentenced to a life in a bed without love. But he does have a chance--a chance not just to survive but to know hugs and kisses and siblings and school and the outdoors and all those things that say vroom. When these kids get big grants, someone goes for them. Or sometimes someone goes without a grant.

Can you be Abbott's mommy? Can you give just a little money to just one child who needs a family?

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