Sunday, February 26, 2012

Region 3: additional children

Unlike 42, there are quite a few children in Region 3 with their own profiles, among them Shaun and Jamison. I noticed the additional children recently, though, and I noticed that some of them have a bit more information than is typical of "additional children."

I noticed two little girls named Maria with "other special needs."

Maria G, 3 1/2, is blind and looks like she may have additional special needs as well (50% of blind children do). Maria S will turn 7 (!) in April and I don't know what her special need is, or whether her picture is up to date. More information may be available... she certainly needs a family.

Christine, 8, is so high-functioning she's been sent to an orphanage for older children (like a boarding school, most likely) rather than an institution. She's an orphanage favorite.

One can assume from her hair bow that Suzanne is an orphanage favorite too... or at least was. She just turned 7 so it is likely she's in an institution and her picture has not been taken there.

Four-year-old Mark is healthy and "doing great."

At 6 Orielle is a much-loved favorite in her orphanage, but she is facing transfer to a mental institution. She was born with a heart defect, but seems healthy; the defect often heals on its own.

At 5 Maria T. spends her days in a walker. She has crossed eyes.

I noticed this little boy... Igor is 6.

Veronica needs something to smile about. She's 11.

Valery is 7. Looks like he may have some sort of repaired cleft or another facial issue in addition to Down Syndrome. Such a handsome young man.

I hope Vladislav's picture is not up to date... he is 8. He appears to be very lacking in stimulation. Look what institution does to these boys and girls. The older kids look younger. Vladislav appears to have a rash or hemangioma (probably Down Syndrome as well).

Ivan P. is 5... who could resist that smile! I hope someone finds him somehow and he never has a picture that looks like Vladislav's. This boy looks like a joy, someone must want him.

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