Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Two-year-old boys

Robert was born in the same month as my son.

My son runs around, plays with everything, knows probably a hundred words, climbs and crawls and hides and throws tantrums and sleeps in a big boy bed and sits on a potty and torments his sister and tries to drink from mud puddles and is fascinated by any motor vehicle and delights in books. Because that's what 2-year-old boys are supposed to do.

But Robert was born with Down Syndrome.

So there's some of those things he probably can't do. And that's okay.

He could still play and have fun and learn words and get around and follow after his big siblings and read with his mommy and play cars with his daddy except...

Robert was born with Down Syndrome in Eastern Europe.

So his parents did not bring him home. They left him at the hospital. And he is growing up in an orphanage where he doesn't have a mommy or daddy or brothers or sisters. He looks pretty happy. He is in a good place, where probably he has toys and books and kindness and can sometimes play outside. But he doesn't have a family. And even if he's in a good place now, the next place won't be as good. And no one in his country wants a little boy with Down Syndrome.

But maybe you do.

Robert is said to be in an excellent orphanage. His region will probably require 3 trips. Many families have had great experiences with his orphanage and are willing to share about it if you are interested in adopting Robert.

(Older picture of Robert)

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