Friday, February 17, 2012


Sometimes God wants to stretch us.

For some that may mean considering the adoption of an older child... a child with severe special needs... a child who seems incapable of loving you back. And those children need homes desperately.

But for others, just thinking about adoption is a stretch, let alone the adoption of a child with special needs. If you fall into that camp, that's okay too. Maybe you are thinking HIV sounds pretty uncomplicated, but blindness, Down Syndrome, spina bifida, arthrogryposis... that's more than you can handle. Maybe you just want to adopt a baby girl, maybe a toddler.

15-month-old Brenna needs a family too. She's HIV+ and in a country where young children are available for international adoption. She needs a family as badly as any older kid or kid with severe special needs. Maybe she's your daughter.

Praise God, the Evensons have been granted custody of their beautiful, precious sons! Gideon and Micah are now no longer orphans but sons and brothers! This is only the beginning of a journey that will last all their lives, but I am so glad to see these boys granted their family.

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