Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tiny baby boy with no arms

This little guy is called Trent.

He is so little--born this October! Very, very rare to see a child from Eastern Europe listed this early. He has so much potential--if his mommy and daddy find him soon, he could be home while he's still a baby. He will have access to early intervention, physical and occupational therapy, maybe prostheses. He has no known medical issues apart from his limb differences. Couldn't you just snuggle this sweet boy all day long?

This family has a little boy with limb differences adopted from Eastern Europe. Sasha is doing great and learning to use all sorts of attachments to help him move around and play.

Alix is an older boy waiting for his family on the Reece's Rainbow photolisting.

Alix is smart, mobile, plays with toys, and is even said to be a leader in his group. And that's a young man who probably grew up in an orphanage all his life! That gives you a little bit of an idea what Trent can accomplish. (And if you are one of those who would rather adopt an older boy, Alix sounds like he'd make a great son too).

Kids with limb differences are not accepted in Eastern Europe, and they very much need families to help them be all they can. But there's a lot of adaptations available to them here (check out Sasha's family's blog) and none of these kids appear to have cognitive differences. They look differently, and move differently, but inside they are just like other boys their age (or girls--I'm sure there's girls with limb differences out there too).

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