Friday, November 18, 2011

One who has a family, and one who is still waiting

The good news: baby Trent has a family!

So many are still waiting.

This little one is called Olga.

Olga has cerebral palsy. She needs physical therapy; she needs to get up out of her crib. She is said to be smiley and happy and lovable. She is sickly and she needs to be up and moving more to help her become healthier. Olga needs a family to bring her home and love her--she will go to a much worse place if she is transferred. She won't be loved. She will not ever leave her crib again. Her family needs to go for her soon.

Olga had a family committed to her, but they were unable to proceed because they were already in the process of another adoption. Olga's country wanted their previously adopted child to be home for a year before they adopted another child.

Have you adopted this year? No? Maybe you're Olga's mommy :)

I know it's not that easy. I know sometimes we just can't swing it. Certainly no one person can bring every child home. But somewhere, Olga has a mommy and daddy.

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  1. Thank you for posting about Olga. She needs her family so badly.