Saturday, November 19, 2011

More about Genesis' family

Genesis' new family's FSP (family sponsorship profile) is up on Reece's Rainbow! If your heart has been touched by this little girl, please donate to them--they will need the funds. They also commented on my first post about Genesis, if you want a little more information about them.

This family is perfect for Genesis. They are already parents to a special little boy who they believe has the same eye condition that she does. They are also already parents through international adoption. Genesis' dad is a pastor so they can really use financial help to bring her home.

God is good. I am so glad this little girl I fell in love with has a family.

My husband and I were on the phone with them for half an hour this morning... I know their life story now :)

Genesis' mom's blog is here. They will be naming her Sarah Joy.

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  1. So excited!!!! This is just awesome!! Sounds like will be very prepared to help her succeed in life :)