Friday, November 4, 2011

Some updates

Check out this beautiful new picture of Mandy, who was not showing off for the camera when I featured her previously:

I would bring this little girl home in a heartbeat... but so much stands in the way of adoption, doesn't it? Mandy deserves a family who can bring her home! She's very little and shows so much promise.

Vika, the girl with a $20,000 grant who is in an expensive place, has found a family!

Juris, who has a very significant grant, will have a family! His mommy and daddy, the Kirklands, already have over $20,000 to help bring Juris and his new brother Vilis home.

That's all easy news to write. The next isn't.

"M." is not my daughter. Her needs are not something our family can handle right now. I hope and pray there is a family for her--but it's not us.

Right now my family is not pursuing adoption. Our agency will not complete our home study for another year and a half, for reasons that I don't completely agree with. At this point it does not make sense for us to switch agencies, but by around this time next year, if we feel we are in a good position to welcome a son or daughter, we may begin the process with another agency instead. Rest assured that we are not completely giving up. Someday we plan to adopt. We are waiting because we believe God has told us to wait through a variety of circumstances that have come up. We do not believe that adoption is second-best; we believe that adoption is something God smiles on, and that a son or daughter by adoption would be a blessing to our family. Thanks for following us through this process.

I will keep updating this blog, because even if we are not adopting now, children like Mandy and Sammy and Jeremiah need homes. I don't know if I'll be going back to once-a-day or not, though. I probably didn't help Josiah or Valentin find a family--but these little boys who so needed a mommy and daddy will get them in part because of those who advocated for them, and the more advocates these kids have the better!

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