Thursday, November 10, 2011

A little girl in a wheelchair

Reece's Rainbow calls this sweet girl Pollyanna. There's a very good chance that when she comes home, she won't need a wheelchair long--doctors think she will be walking before too long! Pollyanna has spina bifida, and has had at least one operation for that. She is described as active, outgoing, mobile, and independent, reaching out to the adults around her and communicating. Pollyanna is just 4 years old, and has a long life ahead of her. 80% of children with Spina Bifida have no cognitive involvement, and Pollyanna sounds very bright. One mommy of a little boy with spina bifida described it as a very manageable special need. There is lots of help available to parents of children with spina bifida, and this sweet girl is so worth the effort to bring her home--even though she is in a more expensive region with potentially 3 trips.

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