Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Responding to a special plea for a special family

This sweet boy is David:

You won't find him on Reece's Rainbow. You won't find him on any site listing waiting children. No, I'm not pulling another fast one on you... David really does need a family.

David has an ANG tube and is diagnosed with epilepsy, developmental delay, acid reflux, and brain damage (possibly cerebral palsy). He has also had heart surgery. At this point, David does not eat by mouth.

God loves this precious little man. God is preparing a family for him. But how can they hear if no one tells them? How can they see if no one shows them? David's country does not believe anyone would want a child who weighs only 17 pounds at 3 years old and who cannot walk or talk. He is not played with, touched, or even taught to sit. He lives in a nursing home because no one else would take him. And no one from his country has tried to find a family for him. That's where you come in. If you have a blog--ESPECIALLY if it's not an adoption blog--if you know someone interested in adopting a child with special needs--if you visit an adoption forum--please share David. His mommy or daddy might be reading.

But look at this sweet little boy inside, who never had to be taught to smile! (Please see the video on the original blogpost; can't figure out how to post a video).

David has no hope where he lives now (an Asian nation). But if someone loves him enough to bring him home, David has hope and a future. He doesn't have to stay in that crib until he dies of old age in that same nursing home--or more likely dies of neglect a good deal sooner.

These are his country's "preferences" for an adoptive family:
~~ Both spouses should be under 50.
~~ Judges prefer smaller families--but there is some flexibility.
~~ Around $4500 for in-country fees (legal, translations, etc.).
~~ A homestudy costing $1500-$3000, depending on where you live.
~~ Travel and accommodation in-country.
~~ Visas, etc., stateside.

David can be adopted. He just needs a family willing to go and bring him home. The adoption should be affordable--which in the adoption world probably means between $15,000 and $20,000. The process would take 6 to 8 months. Since these are preferences, not requirements, if you don't meet one, or even a couple, you may still be able to bring David home! So if one of you is 51, or if you aren't sure your family is small, but you really think you may be David's family, you could try.

Serious inquiries only, by families hoping to adopt David, may be sent to mlhadoption@gmail.com

I got this information from Adeye (No Greater Joy Mom), who received it from a missionary in David's country.

We serve a God who loves to take on desperate cases. We serve a God who does miracles. Surely He is a God who can find a family for a little boy who's never had a mommy and has a smile as wide as his face.

And a God who can find a family ready and eager to love a deafblind daughter.

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