Friday, March 2, 2012

No news is... no news

I have recently featured some of the kids that are special to me and have new photos and updates.

But some kids never get new photos and updates. And they continue to wait. And they continue to desperately need families.

They grow--or perhaps fail to. They have needs that may be changing. But their sites aren't updated....

Juliet has not had any updates since she was listed. She is now one.

Shaun still has no family. It is a miracle he has made it as long as he has if his diagnosis (Trisomy 18, also known as Edwards Syndrome) is correct... he may have mosaic trisomy 18 or another diagnosis altogether... but no one will know for sure unless a family commits to him. In the meantime, we don't have a new picture; we don't have more information; we don't know if his condition has changed.

Sweet Victoria C. (additional children Region 16, bottom of page) is still an additional child. She still has the same picture, holding the same doll. We may not know if she was transferred. We may never get more information about her. But we know her need for a family is not getting less urgent. She is 5. By the pictures of kids born a year earlier--who look to be less happy and with close-cut hair--she may be due for transfer this year.

Lindsey is also 5. Reece's Rainbow does not have her medical information (her agency may). She is said to be calm, independent, and shy. I don't want to see an update that she is transferred; I want her next update to be that she has a family!

Owen has no new updates or pictures. He still needs a family who will love him just as he is, and care for his needs, including any surgeries or other medical care that may be necessary for him. He turned four at the end of last year.

Wyatt has had updates since I first blogged about him, none good. He has many medical needs; he is tube-fed and may have cystic fibrosis. But Wyatt needs a family who will love him and can take care of him. This little boy needs to be adopted or he will die. He just turned 3.

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