Friday, March 30, 2012


Jesus told him that if we feed, clothe, and care for the least of these, we do it for him.

This is Theo. He's 3 and has Down Syndrome.

I don't know if he is hungry. I do know that in some orphanages and institutions in Eastern Europe, malnutrition is common.

I don't know how long he's been wearing these clothes, or if he has any others. I do know that sometimes orphan boys are put in girls' clothes, and that sometimes they wear the same outfit for years (although I do think it is laundered occasionally, it's not as often as we would do for our kids).

I don't know what his care is like, but I do know he doesn't have a mommy and daddy. It's doubtful he gets much one-on-one attention.

Theo and others like him are the poor, the needy, the "least of these" that Jesus commanded we serve.

Will you be the one God will bless for being willing to feed, clothe, and care for him from now on?

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