Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another sweet blind girl

Sera is described as cute, clever, giggly, happy, and healthy. She loves to play hide and seek. I have a daughter just her age :)

Sera also happens to be blind... this is a totally manageable special need. Blind people can work in almost any field sighted people can. She needs parents to help her develop the creativity to figure out how she can use her skills to compensate for her blindness. She needs parents who are willing to put sticky Braille labels all over their house. She needs parents who are willing to work with education professionals to make sure she gets the education she deserves--an education that will expose her to the the world through her ears and fingers and increase her independence. And she needs a family who will love her without regard to ability.

Is any of that really so hard? She is developing well and most likely cognitively normal. There is every reason to believe that one day Sera will lead a normal, independent life.

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