Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Desperate need for a family for this girl

Taking a break from the additional kids of Region 23 to talk about Karina.
From her description and appearance Karina may have Apert Syndrome, like Ivan, Kacey, Sammy, and Mandy. She is described as having craniofacial differences and differences of her hands and feet as well. She has a cleft palate and an aortic defect. You can see from the pictures that her fingers look fused.

You can also see that her hydrocephalus has not been properly treated. In this country the treatment of hydrocephalus is routine... this little girl will probably not receive treatment in her country though.

She needs to be adopted not just because she needs a family, but because she is in urgent need of medical care she will not receive in her country. Do you think she could be your daughter?

Her profile says "PLEASE someone help her, she will die alone and waiting."
She was born right around the same time as my son.

I also saw some more pictures of Ivan here.

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