Friday, March 23, 2012

Are you a parent?

Rudy is another additional child. He is a cutie. He's just two. I don't know for sure but most likely his diagnosis is Down Syndrome. Rudy is quiet.

If you have biological children... that is likely more than you knew about them before you became their parent.

I have been a parent to each of my 3 children since the moment they came into existence. I knew nothing about them... I didn't know the color hair they would have, or whether they would be healthy, or what they looked like. I didn't know my daughter would love the alphabet or my son would be lactose intolerant. But when sperm and egg combined, before I knew I was pregnant, long before I could discover their gender, I was a mommy.

Look at the additional children. You don't know a lot about them, but they are little boys and girls who need homes. They are people who need parents.

And God may just say to you, "This one is your son. I planned him for your family before I created either of you."

Doesn't Rudy look like a blessing?

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