Monday, January 9, 2012

Sweet, sweet girl

Tatiana is a sweet, gorgeous little girl who desperately needs a family. From her Reece's Rainbow profile:
"Tatiana is a sweetheart, and she wants a mama so badly. When we'd go to get our kids, she kept asking "And Tania? And Tania?" She would sob when we would leave her with the groupa. Out of all the kids there, she was the only that I saw playing pretend – eating pretend food, taking care of baby dolls. She is very emotionally fragile, and she seems to get overwhelmed. She is very small and thin. She has big blue eyes, and she desperately wants to be held and cuddled."

Tell me this girl doesn't break your heart... when we weren't sure we were equipped to be Genesis' parents and still thinking we could adopt this little girl was one of the top two children we considered (the other was Mandy). I don't know how I haven't posted about Tatiana before. She sounds very sweet and high-functioning and needs a family oh so badly. She is HIV+ and diagnosed with FAS (which has a very broad range of effects on kids who are diagnosed).

Today I saw her new profile picture.

Please, someone go rescue this sweet girl.

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