Thursday, January 12, 2012


What do this little girl and this little boy have in common?

They have families trying to adopt them! Hooray!

Please pray that Bethany and Wyatt's families are able to bring them home quickly--Wyatt especially is not doing well.

Here is another little boy who still needs a family:

Darby has Down Syndrome, and also has some craniofacial differences. He had one surgery already and it is likely he will have more in the future, but the first surgery was great for his development. At 2 1/2 he is kind, friendly, and healthy. He is developing within range for his age.

Darby will continue to grow and blossom in a family, but if he is sent to an institution he may not receive the care he needs... he certainly won't get stimulation and the love of a family. This sweet boy deserves a family of his own! Can you give him the hope that Bethany and Wyatt have now? If you aren't Darby's mommy or daddy, you can help by spreading his image and story, donating to his grant, or praying for his family to find him.

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