Monday, January 9, 2012

Little boy, "easy" adoption

This adorable young man is Ivan and he needs a family. He is 2 1/2 and has Apert Syndrome. He cannot speak due to a partially cleft palate, but understands what is said to him. He can walk and the doctors say his prognosis is good. He is no longer hydrocephalic.

His adoption might be possible in only 2 trips and could cost under $25,000, which is not bad, especially in his country (which you can find on his profile).

Ivan is described as happy. More pictures and medical information are available.

Ivan is created in the image of God, and it was through Jesus he was made. Before the foundation of the world was laid God knew him and planned for him. God knew he would live in a country where his parents would leave him in the hospital due to his special needs. God knew that he would need someone to be a voice for him when he was 2 and could not speak. God knew that his best chance for a family who could meet his needs lay halfway around the world. And God knew you would read this blog post today. He planned that.

Maybe He just wanted to make sure you prayed for one of the least of these today. Maybe He wanted you to be Ivan's daddy or mommy. And maybe He had some other message for you in this post.

God, Father, you set the lonely in families. Please send a family to a 2-year-old boy who doesn't look like other boys, who doesn't talk, who lives far away. Please show him Your love through a mommy and daddy who know You. Please bless a very special family with this very special little boy. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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  1. Isn't he a beautiful boy? I love his eyes. I'm glad you posted about Ivan!