Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An older boy who desperately needs a family

"Kyle is a sweet and very handsome boy who greatly wants a family of his own. He wanted to be adopted by my wife for sure. He bonded with her during an orphans' camp that she volunteered at this last July. It was in Yantai. I believe that he could still bond with another family. He loves basketball and airplanes. He has not been in the orphanage all his life. He was placed there three years ago after his mother's death. His father died when he was about two. His surviving family is unable to support him. He won't talk about his mother's death. Some of his family believe he may have witnessed it. He is respectful and mature. His only special need is his age. He is normal in all accounts as far as we know."

"The ONLY way that Kyle is going to be saved from a life of sheer hopelessness on the streets is if a family who is already traveling to China to adopt another child feels called to add this precious boy to their adoption. He MUST be adopted before his fourteenth birthday in February."

Kyle is in desperate need of a family, soon. He is 13. That is the sum total of his special need.

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