Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Brilliant little girl

Bethany is a little girl with brittle bones. Recently she has made incredible progress. She is now walking.

She has a physical disability but this little girl is brilliant. She turns 5 this month and she knows colors, numbers, has an incredible vocabulary, and is a great communicator, even though she's spent her whole life in the hospital. Click through to her profile to read more--there are videos of her too if you enquire.

Bethany has Asian ancestry but lives in Eastern Europe. She has a grant toward her adoption of over $12,000. She would be such a blessing to a family, and that large grant is more than a third of the cost of her adoption--she is well-loved by the RR community and I'm sure there'd be more donations and happy fundraisers if you committed to her!

She has a physical disability, and that is the only reason she's waiting. This little girl can be whatever she wants to be. She just needs a mommy and daddy to give her the opportunity.

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