Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sweet 4-month-old boy

Justin is just 4 months old. If you started the process to bring him home today, you could have him in your arms before his first birthday.

Justin has Down Syndrome. So many therapies and treatments are available today that there's less and less difference between kids with Down Syndrome and their typical peers.

Adopting a young baby is not without challenges but most say it's a lot easier than adopting an older child or toddler... and kids like Justin need families too. He doesn't ever need to be transferred, or malnourished, or watch mommies and daddies coming for younger kids... but if no one goes for him, it will happen. It's great to help a kid who was in an institution bloom, but it's great to keep a kid from ending up there too.

And don't forget my Hannah's favorite sweet baby Juliet, who is still only nine months old.

Juliet and Justin are both in Russia waiting for their families to find them.

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