Sunday, October 16, 2011


Because Reece's Rainbow allows families to "commit" to an orphan on their site very early in the process--before their home study is complete--families have more time to raise funds. Sometimes, though, a family cannot complete the adoption process who thought they could, and then the little girl or boy they thought they would be bringing home becomes available in.

Because M. is in an institution, we will not be able to commit to her until we finish our home study. I hope that will be soon, but our education phase is taking a long time--we have so much going on with just our two kids at home that my husband especially does not have much time for reading. But I am hoping that soon we will have our homestudy finished, and then we can get those formal commitment documents done up, and then we can tell you who M. really is.

Another family had hoped to adopt a little boy who had just turned 6. However, they were not able to complete the process.

This is Preston.

Preston is still waiting for a family, and now he has a $10,000.00+ grant. That's around a third of what his adoption will cost. He's worth every penny!

Do you think you could be the one to bring him home?

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