Saturday, October 15, 2011

Children with HIV

I read a great article on adopting a child with HIV on Friday, from a family who were in process to adopt an Indian infant when they discovered she had HIV. They didn't have up-to-date information on children living with HIV at first; I remember that long night of internet searching myself.... I was willing to adopt these three little children, one of whom had HIV, even not knowing the life expectancy of that youngest child, who looked so much like my Peter. But I cried tears of joy when I found out how GOOD things were for people with HIV, how much things have changed. The little boy will likely live a long, healthy life and grow up to do whatever he wants with his life.

By the time we called to inquire about these three siblings, however, they were no longer available. Lots of people who are adopting know that HIV is just not a big deal.

(For the record, M. does not have HIV. But it is a special need we are open to.)

Here are three children who are living with HIV and doing really well:

I am always struck by how Marjorie, Christian, and Octavia look like they could be siblings, but all three were born in different months of 2002. They are nine years old, born in April, June, and September. It's quite possible they could all be adopted together; they are in the same orphanage, and have likely known each other quite a while if not all of their lives. Their country allows the adoption of unrelated children. Of course, it's also possible to adopt any one of them separately. There's not a whole lot of information on what they are like. Marjorie is smart and wants a family. Christian is well-liked. Octavia has ADHD (and possibly fetal alcohol syndrome too, or instead). She is noted to have a mild delay.

These kids are likely in a very good home--children with HIV go to school and sometimes are adopted in their country. They would probably do very well in a family. Is one of these three your son or daughter?

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