Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The least of these

Julia turned 4 in April.

She is an additional child--who needs a family no more or less than those with their own page and funds.

Our God, who sets the lonely in families, is pleading with his church to go and rescue his precious sons and daughters. The ones we call the least of these... but I don't think that's what He calls them.

He calls Julia Precious Daughter. Redeemed. Beloved. Made in His Image. Bought by His Blood. Above Rubies. Like Refined Gold. Created Through Christ.

Who does God think are the least of these? I think those who are concerned with themselves... those who look down on others... those who think some people's lives just aren't worth the time and effort. But these people too were worth it to Jesus. He died for them with no more hesitation than he died for sweet Julia.

And he called us to die to ourselves and to follow him.
That might mean travelling around the world to adopt a little girl who desperately needs a family... or it might mean supporting a family who did so... or it might mean fostering a child in your community, or helping the single mom next door with groceries, or working for one of many other very good causes.

I don't condemn you if you can't adopt Julia. I am not going to adopt Julia--I hope to adopt one day, but if I could adopt right now--I can't--she isn't the little one I'd be inquiring about. I don't condemn you if you can't donate to RR right now--there are other causes and we are called to take care of our family first.

But there are two things you can do, and I think you should. Consider, if you have not, whether you might be Julia's mom (or dad). Could you open your heart and home to another child? Could she be the one? Maybe you know it's not the time to adopt, or that you will never have that opportunity. That's okay. But make sure you've considered it... and if it's been a while, consider it again.

Pray for Julia. Pray that she is loved and cared for now. Pray that she will find a family, that someone will recognize her as the daughter of their heart. Because you can always pray, and it matters.

If you have prayed over Julia's situation and your own, and you know that's all you can do... thank you. You're making a difference.

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